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Zine #1: December 2020

Welcome to the first ever v listens zine! As someone who has always had a creative itch, yet lacks any real creative skills, it’s massively fulfilling to put something like this out into the world.

I’ve been posting on the @v_listens Instagram page for about a year and a half now, simply with the goal of sharing music I enjoy. Giving and receiving music recommendations is one of life’s great joys for me, so I wanted to take that urge a bit further with this little project.

I’d initially considered covering newly released music every month, but I quickly realised that was a bit naive. Instead, I’ve decided to compile a list of all the music which is new to me in a given month! This edition contains my favourite December discoveries - there are lots of songs from 2020, but also a few oldies.

Ideally, I’d like to put one of these out every couple of months, but I’ll just have to see how I do – I have a feeling that the more time constraints I place on myself, the sooner it will begin to feel like a chore rather than a fun hobby.

I heard a great line recently which applies here: no one is ever going to be as interested in your interests as you are. So, whilst I know this is going to feel more important to me than anyone else reading it, I hope you enjoy it. I can’t promise in-depth analysis or well-developed musical knowledge, but I can always guarantee a bit of emotional exploration and good tunes.

Happy listening!

#1 December 2020
Download PDF • 7.29MB

(P.S. Get in touch if you're interested in receiving a physical copy!)



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