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Zine #2: January 2021

Second edition in as many months! Turns out I quite like this zine business :)

I suppose there’s much less to discuss in the intro to a second edition than a first edition; you know the score by now - here are my favourite discoveries from January 2021. I think I’ve struck a better balance between old and recent music in this one, so hopefully you’ll find something to your taste. Check out my must-listens of the month right at the end!

Massive shoutout to Fenne Lily (not that she’s ever going to know!) and her new radio show Apathy Hour on Islington Radio. It started this January, it’s on every Tuesday, and it’s just an hour of her playing songs she likes. Simple, unpretentious, and the source of the majority of the songs in this issue!

Happy listening!

#2 January 2021
Download PDF • 7.06MB



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